Have an engagement photo shoot coming up?  On the fence about whether or not you should have one?  Below are some basics of the shoot to get you started with ideas and inspiration.   Here is how to get the most from the event that is your engagement photo shoot.

This can be a tough choice when planning your session, I get it!  However, I will urge you not to stress this too much.  Your engagement shoot is going to be about your story and highlights the subjects not the location. I usually like to find out a few key items about couples and then I will often suggest a place that has meaning.   Some things to consider, are you outdoorsy- what types of activities do you enjoy?  Where do you go on dates?  What is a location you have been hoping to go to?  Where did you meet?  What is your favorite food? Where do you live? Yep.  All of the above make amazing places to shoot, just be open minded.  

Once you pick the place, your mind starts racing about what wear, right?   Ladies, think of the items of clothing that make you feel good (material textures, colors, types of cuts)and start there.  Go shopping with a purpose and try to veer away from this season's trendiest patterns.   Classic colors, scarves, simple jewelry and killer shoes are all things that can make an outfit look great and photograph well.  Dress up, or dressed down you want to think of seeing the photos for years to come hanging in your home.   For the guys, pick a complementary color and style to the outfit and give him a couple options. A sweater, button up shirt, and tee can all be worn together (if weather permits) to allow three different looks.  Guys typically don't want anything fussy, just put them in something that gets your heart racing and you will be great!

This is where I come in to help as a photographer and help ease some of the stress of the shoot.  Engagements shoots are so much fun because we get to be creative, maybe a bit adventurous, and we don't have a timeline like we do on wedding day.  Enjoy each other and try not to worry about looking a certain way in your photographs.  Joy comes first and makes the photos memorable.  

Questioning the engagement session?  Stressed about it not being perfect?  Do not spend one more moment on the doubts and just get it booked!  You will love having the pictures and it gives you plenty of practice in front of the camera.  
Do you have any tips on rocking the engagement photo shoot?  Share them, I would love to add them to my bag!