Every bride wants to look and feel her most lovely on wedding day, working through the beauty routine can be somewhat daunting for most girls.  As a photographer, it is my job to ensure that you are reflected in your best light on wedding day.  I have developed a set of tips for clients through experience that will assist you in determining your wedding day beauty routine.

Bronzer and tanning
Avoid harsh tanning options prior to your wedding.  I am pretty opinionated on this topic because I really believe in the beauty of natural skin tones.   After photographing people for years it is amazing to me how the tones of skin are so perfectly matched to features (god gave you a perfect natural tone, for you!).  

Please, please, take this advice and step away from the self-tanner, spray tanning, and tanning beds.  It is a nightmare to correct a poor skin tone in your photos and even worse if some tan rubs off on your perfect dress.  

My tips are that a well placed highlighter and light bronzing is a great way to give a glow and retain your natural hue.   Talk to your make up artist about this and see what you like on Pinterest, in magazines, and other idea boards.

Apply in Natural lighting
This is a simple an effective way to always ensure your makeup is flawless.  Move away from the bathroom artificial lighting and put yourself near a large window and ensure light is even on your face.  Ensure you like the way the application looks in this light.  It makes a big difference,


Go (a little) heavy on the eyes
 Eyes make your photos sparkle and shine, your eye makeup application should be heavier than you would normally apply it.  Eyeliner and mascara that are waterproof are essentials. I like eyes to pop on wedding day and that can still look natural or if you prefer you can go dramatic. 

Try it on     
Do at least one make up trial prior to wedding day - I would recommend trying three different make up looks.   You did not know what your perfect dress was until you tried on a few, I feel the same about make up applications.  If you are  going to DIY your makeup make sure you practice, practice, practice!

Go with professionals     
Indulge in a professional make up application on the day of your wedding.  This service usually includes a trial, or a trial at a reduced fee.  (Don't forget to book a date with your fiancé the night of your trial - your will be looking fabulous after all!)
Your makeup artist will ensure you are looking photo ready and gives you an extra bit of pampering on wedding day.  

If you are set on doing it yourself visit a make up professional at Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom.  Get assistance with application and products.  Invest in good product for your wedding day, it does make a difference!

Speak up
If you are not happy with the look you are provided by your stylist or makeup artist ensure that you tell them, it is their job.  You want to be happy with your look and ensure you are pleased with the images of your day.   Don't be afraid to ask for a tweak if you are not sure it just right

I recommend facials, they are an amazing way to relax and unwind.  Take a girlfriend with and make a date of it!  However, try to avoid having facials the week before the wedding.  Sometimes they can cause a mild disruption to your complexion.  Rule of thumb: don't do anything new the week before you get married.

This is just a handful of my favorite makeup tips, I will be offering more of these coming up along with my favorite hair tips for your wedding.  Cheers to your most beautiful you on your wedding day!