it is important

A professional image puts your face out there in the best possible way!  In photographs you want to appear energetic, vibrant, confident, well-groomed and open. It helps people feel they know you - before they even do!  If you are contributing to anything online you should have your image well presented.  Also, your photo should be of you.  Not you and your kids, not your dog, not a flower.  




you have the authority

Body language and posing can help in portraying the competence you have in your field. Work together with your photographer to define the feelingyou want your photo to portray through various posing techniques.  Just like no two faces are the same, everyone has a slightly different careers and online image needs.  A surgeon wants a different look than a DJ.  Consider what your specialty is and how it is portrayed in your image.  If you are commented on serious topics consider an appropriate photo to the work you do.


Who you are as an individual matters

Your behavior and communication skills can be conveyed in an image because your mannerisms are showcaseWe are human and we make a judgement immediately on body language.   When you feel good and authentic during your shoot your image captured is going to be one that shows who your really are.  A good headshot will immediately tell your audience what kind of personality you have.


Your image sets you apart

A great head shot on your bio page can set you apart from your competition.  The truth is when a visitor visits your site or your profile they are interested in finding out about you!  Have your images available and let them know why you do the amazing things you do.
Here is a helpful place to start if you don't have an About Me section on your site http://thestoryoftelling.com/10-rules-for-writing-about-me-page/.


Dana Chaplin_Bio


Forever I used the excuse that I just take the photos so I shouldn't have to be in them.  Then I checked my website stats and realized my ABOUT ME section receives the second most visits.  People want to know about you and it really can be easy to put yourself out there.