If I can allow myself to be wrapped up in just one wedding detail I would tell you that the veil holds a special place in my heart.  In fact,within this one wedding detail I am completely lost.

If you are a bride and on the fence about a veil, may I for a moment state the veils case?  Firstly, I am in awe of the veil as it plays against the light of the day and enhancing the soft glow of the bride.  Veils give an angelic appeal to the face, and when else will you ever where a veil girls?  Pretty much never. 

The tradition of being veiled for the groom is sweet and sentimental and for that reason I just love to see a bride fully veiled and revealed before her groom.  Totally breath taking every time.  

Another unique take on the veil would be a before the wedding session with the veil - for the groom as a gift.  This gorgeous session popped into my Pinterest feed and I could not get enough!  

If you want some veil inspiration check out my board Veiled in Beauty


For more veil inspiration check out my board Veiled in Beauty!  Happy planning!