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This is my happy space, my comfort place, and soul’s passion all wrapped in one little online package.  I have been waiting a long time to wave hi, make a debut, be social and get started.  I have been telling myself for way too long that I was not good enough to put my love out there, because saying LOVE is scary, huh? Well I love being able to tell you a little about what is happening and hope to get sharing all sorts of freaking awesome.  This is right place to be, right now.

Preservation Heart Photography is born out of my desire to catch each of life’s special moments (not always the big moments, mind you) in time.  I want to savor memories, display and remember that each day is fleeting and amazing.  It can be very easy to forget, so I am working with every cell to document life.  Our life and most certainly, my son’s life is captured daily.  While I have been a photobug for over 15 years but it was not until the past year and a half since O blessed us with his presence that I realized this is what I hands down, absolutely love to do and it make my heart so very happy.  So much of this is all about him – he is my muse.

I am pretty sure that everyone else around me has known that photography was my happy place for a long time.  I have enjoyed shooting for others as a gift and getting deeper into the skills and composition of my work, but I never believed much more could come of this.  I may have said that I wished I was a professional photographer, but I did not do anything that put me in the direction of making that a reality.  This year I have made some major changes and dedications.  I have made some awesome friends and have an all new support system of awesomely epic gals that have let me see for myself what I knew all along – this is where I belong.  There has been a lot of searching and mixing of strengths and talents to get to this moment.  I owe so much to the love and support I have.

So, this all quite vague at the moment, but there will be more coming, very soon.  I am all in now to create amazing experiences with those I work with and hone in on some really fun projects.  This is about fun, and the moment it is not I will know that my soul needs to move on. I am looking forward to sharing my heart, preserving memories, and making connections through this project.             

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